Online Deen  (Understanding) is a consortium of professionals, teachers, students and officials to promote and implement blended leaning in the developing countries as  prefered mode of teaching and learning in the both TVET and Higher Education. 




   1.    To transform the new as well as existing qulaifications to the interactive content in native languages like Urdu, Pashto

  2.   Easy delivery of this interactive content through both online as well as offline modes to better utilize the existing infrastructures of institutes

   3.   Bridging the gap between Industry and Institutes by co relating the Occupational Competencies with Learning Outcomes 





  •   World economy's focus is shifted from degrees to skills, full time employment opportunities to hour based jobs. 
  • Techology has enable large teams to work from thier homes through different collaborative tools thus saving a lot of infrastructure and daily office expanses reulting in high turn overs. 
  • Companies are hiring professionals with the soft skills in combinatiion with the core competencies.
  • Governments in the most of the asian countries are unable to extend the infrastructure of institutes and human resource to capacitate rapidly increasing population